All the Cosmosis products involve a degree of value in our day to day lives ranging from as simple as kitchenware to fashion accessories, travel to investment and contribution towards nature.

About Us

About Us

Cosmosis is the whole new world within the reach of every individual. Cosmosis going it’s tagline captures the minute of the essence necessary to make life smoother and comfortable. Having experienced in Real Estate and Travel & Living fields for over 15 and 4 years respectively, it’s now aiming expand and emerge as the Number one e-commerce platform involving versatile directions like travel/tourism, real estate, nature and products, Cosmosis is an assemblage to enable an unembellished lifestyle.

The eminent expertise of the founder members and directors with their broad set background and skillset is a predominant factor that Cosmosis will outstretch over it’s envisaged vision and afar. Their experience in various fields will ensure quality driven business and dedication will ensure to mark the current and evolveto the future change triumphantly. They believe that nothing is impossible if there are ample effort towards achieving a goal. This very ambition will no doubt drive them as a team of confident group of individuals towards their target successfully.

One of the key elements of Cosmosis is contribution to ‘NATURE’. Mother nature nurtures us in abundance since birth to demise, but in reciprocation we tend to take a back seat. We see a significant contribution only through NGOs and environment enthusiasts, doing their bit to restore nature. Cosmosis wants to establish ‘nature for future’, an effort to stay in touch with nature for a better future.

Our Mission

Emerge as a class apart, one stop spot bestowing all the essentials feasible at ones finger tips.

Our Vision

Build a business and brand touching the lives and beyond!

Goals and Expansion

Cosmosis envisions and believes to cater more refined service and commodities to it’s customers in a less elaborated way. With the clear vision and dedication of it’s founder members, directors and co-founders, it contemplates to surface as an absolute destination for all the specifications be it travel, investment or product.

Founder Members and Directors


An individual with manifold dreams, believes in dreaming big and progress towardsachieving them with best possible ways. With a varied experience of 15 years in real estate, salesand marketing, event management, people management and leadership being one of his manycharacteristics, he is the Managing Director of Bangalore Realestate Company, the President ofBangalore Vigilance Squad Human Rights Committee and Proprietor of Flying Colours Eventsand Properties. He is also the Director and treasurer of Flying Colours Sports Trust, a sports trust organizing national level sports events. Being an MBA graduate in marketing, he excels in the best in class ideas and promotions.

Abhishek Aatreya

A passionate leader with a track record of successful management, is educated inthe field of administration and finance. With his interpersonal and motivational skills, he aims atdelivering performance and growth of the team and derive at the vision of the company.Having an experience of 15 years and his MBA degree in finance, his proficiency lies in developing newmarkets, relationship management, business planning and development.

Sachin Bopanna

Having achieved a Masters in Social Work, Sachin has been working in the field he’smore proficient in, counselling. Worked with the government organization for 7 years as a counsellor forHIV and TB patients, he extended his support to counsel adolescent and touched the lives of many that essentially and some desperately needed. Being a sports person, he withholds true sportsmanship thatguides him to the path of success. He also shares an experience in IT, sales and holds a membership insome social and marketing firms.

Raghu Palegar

A leading champion in procurement, marketing and development, Raghu has been withseveral real estate firms for his competency in marketing and developing. He is the Managing Director ofBangalore Realestate Company. Having been in this area for over 12 years, he exceeds in his role toguide and manage the firm masterfully.

Yogitha Sandesh

Yogitha believes in a simple principle of the universe give and receive. She plungedherself with a grit from the area amicable to her for over a decade, IT to foresee what she could offerherself to excel in. Having an expansive experience of around 14 years in various fields ofInfrastructure Outsourcing and Enterprise Service at some capacious and renowned organizations likeGE and HP, she has hands on experience in project management, work force management, resourcemanagement, people engagement and compliance management. She holds the position of the Presidentin a housing society and embarks to deploy her expertise and best practices to learn, engage, developand manage the association.


Though an ambivert, Mithun is a man of few words! He executes his tasks with utmost determination. Being a member of various trusts and organizations, he envisages to work with them tofulfil his responsibilities and achieve the goals. He manages Express Tow, a towing company thatoperates 24X7 to assist the public when in need. He has a vast experience in event management andmarketing.

Roshan Thimmaiah

A private sector employee turned entrepreneur being motivated by other youngmushrooming entrepreneurs, Roshan offers a assorted expertise in his fields of work as an employeeand employer. Roshan hails from Electronics and Communication specialisation and shares hisexperience in IT industry with a few service enterprises. He also shares an experience in mining industry where he headed Stone King, a firm dealing with granites. Having a taste for plantation, he manages asmall coffee plantation in his home town, Coorg. His interest in public service has enabled him growstronger and evolve continuously for better.