All the Cosmosis products involve a degree of value in our day to day lives ranging from as simple as kitchenware to fashion accessories, travel to investment and contribution towards nature.

Training & Development

Training & Development

Cosmosis imparts training and development to everyone under it’s umbrella. It believes that “Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with deligence” as quoted by Abigail Adams. A good leader leads a good business, the Founders and Directors gave a lot of thought about this and motivates every personnel associated with Cosmosis to be well equipped with the product and service knowledge. They can only serve and offer the clients what they seek if they are already aware of the facts in depth.

Cosmosis also reckons in motivation. A self motivated employee is the only one that can drive to the path of success. Self motivated people are the happiest, they pass it on to others so swift that it just grows without an end to it. Cosmosis emphasizes motivation and encourages self driven individuals and offers all the necessary trainings and documentation to the existing and new franchise holders twice a week. Certificates are issued upon their eligibility following the training programs and those certified are recognized to carry on the business.

Cosmosis values it’s Franchise holders and validates them, on the other hand the franchise holders are regarded with the roles and responsibilities as below:

      1. Mandatory training and development sessions - They can only promote the Cosmosis package and products only following the completion of these sessions.
      2. Certification renewal - All the certifications are required to be renewed every six months to have an up to date profile.
      3. Youtube Channel Subscriptions
      4. Cosmosis branding sticker – It is mandate to have the Cosmosis brand sticker to their respective two and four wheelers.